Islam and Civil Society: Toward Democratization of Ummah in the Light of Plurality

International Conference on Islamic Philosophy (ICIPh) 2019

Istikomah, M.Hum[1]

This article will firstly highlight the idea of civil society in a global scale constituting a manifestation of a modern state which has been long existed since Plato (427-327 BC) and Al Farabi era (died in 339 C) named as ‘Utopia’ including the idea of democratization and the respect toward humanity values as the manifestation of diversity. Later, this article will scrutinize this idea in the context of Indonesian socio-cultural setting; how is civil society served as an instrument striven toward democratization of Ummah including the respect toward humanity values in the light of plurality; what are the potential threats of disintegration in Indonesia; how does democracy contribute toward the building of civil society; how does religion serve as the source of building civil society.

Key words: Civil Society, Democracy, Plurality, Human Right, and Religion (Islam)

[1] Lecturer of STFI Sadra and Researcher of ADPIKS.

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